Sapa Vietnam

November 16, 2015


Archival museum grade inkjet print, photographed, signed, and numbered by photographer Dylan Ozanich.

1 of 50 edition.

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Sapa Vietnam photo print for sale – Adventure of Two travel blog. Beautiful travel and landscape photography by Dylan Ozanich printed for your home!

Sapa Vietnam was one of those places you’ll always remember. A little bit like Disneyland for the first time as a child. As we started acceding up the mountain in our tiny little taxi bus the real culture of the old village life of Vietnam started to show more and more. A big river valley connects Lo Cai to Sapa. It’s scattered with farm huts atop each hill that overlook the family rice fields that are terraced about one after another through the entire valley. It was a beautiful way to start the morning after that quite terrible train ride. One thing stood out the most on that ride up the hill to the small town of Sapa. As our bus driver flew around corners and passes scooters one after another something caught both our eyes. A man was riding his scooter with a huge dead pig tied to the back, bleeding, probably smelt terrible, but none the less he just kept put putting up the hill to Sapa.

Vietnam street food is quite good, most of our meals have been cooked on an open fire on some random street corner. Small red & blue stools scattered around is the best indicator of a good street food vendor. My favorite so far has been the Banh Mi sandwich stuffed full of all sorts of goodies – hot dog, cucumber, chilli sauce, tofu, fried egg, cilantro all wrapped inside of a delicious french style baguette that has become a staple of Vietnam cuisine since the colonies were here. After the sandwich is made its put back in the greasy pan and fried even more. Finished off with some random paper or a piece of an old newspaper to hold it all together adding up to a total cost of $1 USD. We would get one every chance we could. For every bus ride we had our bag of sandwiches, for every day trip we had our bag of sandwiches. Definitely a must for anybody traveling through Vietnam.


San Francisco Photographer and Cinematographer Dylan Ozanich. Visit his site at
Sapa Vietnam Photo Print
Sapa Vietnam Photo Print
Sapa Vietnam Photo Print

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