Halong Bay Vietnam

November 16, 2015


Archival museum grade inkjet print, photographed, signed, and numbered by photographer Dylan Ozanich.

1 of 50 edition.

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Friday morning we decided to get a boat tour through Halong bay featuring an amazing kayak adventure, cave exploration, beach swimming and a tour of a local floating fishing village. The limestone islands in Ha Long bay has gone through millions of years of in transformation to become the towering structures that they are now. It was breathtaking, even the photographs featured here will do it little to no justice. Our first stop was a 40 minute kayak adventure where we were able to paddle through narrow caves that have been carved out of the rocks by years and years of changing tides. As we entered one of the dark caverns I heard a loud scream, Natalie had almost been impaled by a bat as we were paddling through. We looked up and into the darkness where we could see no end and started to hear the screeching of bats, how many I have no idea, but it sounded like a lot…

Lots of people live in Halong bay, not in regular homes but instead on floating fishing villages scattered about in almost every cove. Nets are hung between each narrow walking plank to keep the daily catch or their farmed fish that are sold at the markets. Walking along the planks the large fish swim underneath hoping that you’ll toss some food in or even fall in yourself. I have never seen anything like it before in my life. The people of Ha Long Bay live on the sea, eat from the sea and make a living from the sea. It’s quite an incredible lifestyle and culture to experience.

San Francisco Photographer and Cinematographer Dylan Ozanich. Visit his site at http://dylanozanich.com/
Halong bay vietnam photo
Halong bay vietnam photo



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