Starting to plan the trip

August 8, 2014

Hello Friends and Family! Natalie and I just started the blog for our trip through South East Asia! We’re very excited to be going on this trip together, and yes maybe we’re a bit nervous as well… We only recently started dating on June 6th, 2014 and not even a month after we decided to go on a trip together. We first thought about taking a trip to Yosemite National Park in California – Close to SF, Easy to plan, & Quick… Though it would have been fun we wanted something more. Our next idea was a road trip to Alaska – It would be Familiar, Fun camping trips, & Nice scenery… We both decided that getting outside of our comfort zone a little might be a good idea…. Thus we decided on a three month trip through South East Asia… You may think we’re crazy, and you’re probably right, but with a heart full of new love & a youthful spirit fixated on wanderlust it seemed like pretty amazing option. This blog will not only follow us during our journey across Asia, but it will also let you experience the passion, stress, love and setbacks of life that I’m sure we will face along the way. We hope to experience and share it all, from the struggles and passions of new love to the intriguing and different aspects of many new countries, and a new cultures.

Yesterday we got out the atlas, magazine clippings (Thanks Mom), travel books and the computer to start planning the first few weeks of our trip. We will fly into Hanoi, Vietnam on a crazy 3 day flight. We head out of SFO around noon September 1st landing in Sole, South Korea for a 16 hour layover! We will be leaving the airport and exploring the little bits of a huge city we can while we wait for our next flight to depart. We land in Hanoi September 3rd right around noon. The first night we will spend in the old town of Hanoi getting used to this new land we will call home for the next three months. The next morning we head east to Halong Bay. We booked a hostel on the southern tip of Cat Ba island, right next to a small fishing port. We will spend two days on Cat Ba exploring the beautiful Halong bay, the Vietnam fishing culture and I’m sure eating some amazing food.

We can’t wait to touch down in Hanoi and start this amazing adventure!

-Dylan & Natalie

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