August 8, 2014

As we start to pack and plan for three months away from home it becomes very apparent how much we have and how much of it we could live without. Three months is a long time to be away from home. Laying out my gear – 2 pair of clothes, sneakers, beach shoes, swim shorts a light weight windbreaker, a tooth brush, medications, Camera, 2 lenses, tripod, laptop & of course passport which as it turns out Natalie is still waiting for hers to arrive!

The ease of every day life that we are used to will be gone. No guarantee of a warm shower or a comfy bed night after night. No hair straightener or full length mirror to admire ones outfit before adventuring into the public’s eye. The easy of every day life will for sure be gone but what will replace it will be even grater. A yearning for adventure and exploration where waking up before the sun rises is a choice not a necessity. The early morning air of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and many more will be calling us to adventure off the beaten path and see what these new cultures and climates have to offer. This trip will be about growth and an understanding both within ourselves, our relationship together, and of the world we live in.

One after another the days keep drifting away bringing us closer to our departure date. We can plan all we want, take as much as we can but still nothing will prepare us fully for the adventures that are to come.

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