Dinner & Drinks… lots of drinks.

August 26, 2014

With only 2 weeks until we depart we thought it was probably best that our families finally meet each other.  My parents had offered to let Dylan’s mom and step dad come down from Grass Valley to stay with us for a night in San Francisco so we could all have one last family dinner together. One of mine and Dylan’s favorite things to do together is to cook dinner for each other so we figured the instead of going out to a fancy restaurant we could cook a huge feast of our own for both of our families.  With the idea in mind that we would be eating only Asian food for three months we thought that a home cooked Italian meal would be most appropriate.  Dylan decided on Oxtail gnocchi, and I chose a pasta primavera, both with home made pasta.  Once everyone had arrived we realized how much work this meal would be so we gave everyone a very full glass of wine and a job of their own. The dinner turned out to be a great success and our parents both ended up loving each other. It was a huge load off for Dylan and I to have them finally meet and give us their blessings to go on this adventure together.  A couple pounds of pasta, 6 bottles of wine and one 3 am earthquake later we were one step closer to leaving on this journey!


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  • Kathy & Ken September 2, 2014 at 2:55 am

    We are so happy to have had the time with our families together. It was an absolutely delicious dinner celebrating the upcoming travels of Natalie and Dylan (and Dylan’s birthday) shared with our family and new friends. Natalie and Dylan thank you for making this happen. We love you!